SUPPORT-HF (Seamless User-centred Proactive Provision of Risk-stratified Treatment for Heart Failure)

Background/Rationale: Current hospital centred models of care delivery for patients with heart failure are inadequate and unsustainable.

Aims: To develop an end-to-end patient centred affordable and sustainable system for proactive heart failure management using innovative technologies and methodologies for service design.

Methods: Mixed methods to follow the MRC Guidance on complex intervention studies. There are four stages to this programme: Measurement: Development of an IT supported system for monitoring of patients’ health status in the community; record linkage; Risk stratification: Development and estimation of the accuracy of automated statistical tools for short-term prediction of risk; Decision aids: Development of management algorithms for use by patients and their carers, non-specialists, and specialists; Implementation and evaluation: Large-scale randomized intervention study to assess the impact

Status: Funding for the phase started and protocol written

Principal Investigator: Dr Kazem Rahimi

George Centre co-investigator: Professor Stephen MacMahon

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